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Mar 8, 2013
Not a newbie to this forum, but a newbie to this section, Ive been around cars my whole life and been a lead tech for 7 years at my family owned repair shop.

I have a Land Cruiser fj60 that I am gonna restore but since its my DD I cant put it under the knife yet so for the time being I bought a $400 84 Toyota pickup to cut up and crawl. Build pics on next post.
The rear was a little easier, picked up some ford explorer rear leafs I belive are 57" long and re-arched the main leaf so it will droop out better, I may need to put a little longer shackles on it but for now the stock Explorer shackles will work to see how it functions.
I also didnt like how the front perches for the rear end hang down so far so I relocated them back and up on the frame which worked really well with the longer springs I was able to use the stock rear shackle perches mounted to the rear of the frame and reinforced. I like it but if anyone sees problems please speak up.

reinforced the snot out of it, looks like an old suit of armor or something

Based upon my meaurements the rear has 5 inches of up travel and 7 inches of down travel, ride height will be around 22 inches with 35's and 23 with 37's. Im pretty excited with how low it turned out, as I get more done I will get pics up.

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