new 98?

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Jul 26, 2007
I finally found a 'not bad' 3rd gen SR5, 3.4 manual...been looking for a long time for a manual, and those that I found were way to expensive considering their conditions. The problem is the guy says there is a rust hole in the driver's side rocker...the AC doesn't work...and it won't go into 4 wheel drive. Apparently he brought it in. and put $1000 to get the 4x4 fixed, and now it wont work again.

Question...would you consider such a rig if the price was right?
And, what can be wrong with the 4x4?

Thanks in advance :beer:
X2 on what c man said... rust is not a good thing to me at all.. mechanical can be fixed..
now if it needs the A/C repaired and the 4 wheel drive doesn't work that to me throws a flag as to why the failures.... my 96 just runs and knock on wood I don't fix things like that.

I would want a pretty good price discount to take on rust and repairs too!
9 or 10K would get you a pretty clean manual one in alberta. Or are you looking for a $6K or so price tag?
What is the mileage on the drivetrain? Does he have service records for it? Does the seller know that MT's are rare and sought after? Sounds to me like a 4000-5000 rig with the problems reported.

4wd issues could be the solenoid or actuator preventing the front end from locking into place.

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