NEW 4x4 Park in NH?!?

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    Mt Whittier, the defunct ski area in Ossippee, NH, will be hosting two events this fall.
    August 26-27
    October 7-8(?)
    This mountain has miles of excellent 4x4 trails, from main access roads to hardcore trails cut by groups like Deep Woods Extreme. These trails are not yet open to the public. The owners are holding two events for ATVs and fullsize trucks. ATVs will have races, hillclimbs and the like, while they are constructing a rock-crawling course and obstacle/race track as well. Depending on interest generated this fall, the owners may decide to go whole hog next year. Spectators pay $10, while competitors are free at least for the first event! If all goes well, we may have a full offroad park here in northern NH! These are official, town-approved events, unlike past events which have been held here without owners approval.
    Please show your support if possible, this would benefit the whole offroad community.
    Here is the thread from NEOW:

    see you there
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