Trade New 40 Gray Door Card

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Sep 16, 2011
United States
Bought without thinking about color, and I need black.


Think I paid $125 for, and will sell for that, shipped, but hoping someone has a damn good used OE black pair, or new aftermarket.
do you have a 4 door?
Found thread I purchased a set from.

For Sale: - Sold...New oem FJ40 Door Panels

Appears I paid $290 shipped for, what I presumed was a pair, as the ad reads, but obviously received two DS.

Messaged seller, to see if a PS is available to trade for DS, and awaiting reply before committing further.

My own dumbass fault for stating half the price I paid, but will honor in order of inquiry, should seller not have the means to correct the issue, or refuse to return for credit.

Apologies for not knowing what I had.
Is black still available?

Not OEs, not that I have aspirations for best of show at Pebble Beach.

Passed on two or three sets from the Iranian connection several years ago, because I didn't have a 40 and not in the business to inventory....

It was said one of the respondents above may have two passengers.

If, in fact that's true, lemme know, 'cause without each other we ain't got a thing....
I am the one who mistakenly sold these to Chris not realizing they were both drivers panels. I will purchase them back for the 125.00
weren't you selling them for 125.00. I wasn't going to offer more than that. I will purchase both
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Gabe - you should refund him the $290 he paid for a set of door cards. Set implies both left and right. Just saying..
I never said I would not refund his money. He was asking 125.00 each including shipping. 2 months later I have no idea if I shipped a set or if it was a mistake. I had 2 sets. The other person might have 2 passenger ones. I am waiting for a response from them to find out.
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I just read his half price comment above. We have a pm going and I didn't follow messages above. I will swap a passenger one for a drivers if you prefer. I can still get some new ones.
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