New 2 me 1971 FJ40

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Jul 8, 2007
Santa Rosa CA
Picked up a new toy 71 FJ40, sbc 350 that overheats... I think the water pump is shot, is the stock radiator big enough for a 350?
my 69 307 does well with stock radiator and stock shroud which has been modified using tin snips and rivets to fit with the 307.
I can see you enjoying Rubithon a little more in a little smaller rig. Looks like it's in pretty good shape to start beatin' it already though.
Heck I spent 1000$ on this baby, its got an electric fan.... but no skid plates, the exhaust and engine seem to hang pretty low and the gears are really high i had to put it in low to drive around the house. Now i have as many toyotas as saturns in my way too big collection of vehicals but i couldnt turn this one down.
Guess it's not headed to Rubithon this year huh?
*You could just let us grab one of the Saturns for a decent price so the wife has something to drive other than the hot rod? She's not as big a fan of the pursuit package as I am. She wants a pre-91 Corolla w/ Auto. :D


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