Nevada Overland - Rhyolite to Tonopah/Lunar Crater and Area 51

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Aug 17, 2005
Forest Falls, CA

This was one of our top 5 overland trips we've ever completed. I would do it again - tomorrow if i could.

Enjoy everyone...
The Adventure Duo: Nevada Overland - Rhyolite to Tonopah
This looks like an amazing outing to take my parents and their FJ Cruiser on!!

From their house in Genoa, NV. Google maps says it's 4hrs 22min to Tonopah. Is there any reason we couldn't take the same route you did, just backwards, (Tonopah to Rhyolite?)

Thanks for sharing!!
I don't see why not, you could run it both directions. Oh and FYI... And it took way longer than 7 hours to run that route. We ran the flats for at least 4-5 hour itself, so unless you don't want to see anything i'd give it 2 days.
Great trip, it looked like a lot of fun. The lunar crater is something else. I have been there a few times.
That is nice route.

The Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah is suppose to be opening this year (August). That is a great old historic building that I had dinner in once, and hope to again after it re-opens...

You should investigate going from Tonopah to Belmont, thence north up to Highway 50. Lots of mile from LA, but worth it IMO. I am dying to go out there.....That and the Reese River Valley.

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