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ok, so shy of that, can anybody tell me which year model p.s. gear boxes are interchangeable? i'm looking, but no solid info in that direction, yet.
I think 1980-1987 at least,based on cruisers weve owned. Mike
i guess what i'm asking is: when did the change occur, so that say, an 80 series box isn't compatible?
for example, is a 62 box interchangeable with a 60 box, 80 series, etc? clear as mud, yet?
Since I have seven sitting in front of my house Ill look tomorrow. Mike
For questions like that I usually look at Specter's online catalog. It'll give you the date ranges for what parts work where. They may even list a used one for sale.
8/81-4/85 for 60
4/85-8/87 for later 60
8/87-1/90 for 62
1/90-8/92 for early 80
8/92-1/98 for late 80
1/98-8/02 rack and pinion for 100
just in case anybody else needs this info.

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