need windshield pattern for 1969 fj40

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Feb 14, 2008
San Francisco, CA
Anyone have a windshield that is out (doesn't matter if it is cracked as long as it is one piece) or knows where to find a pattern. I need the windshield or pattern so the glass shop can cut it for me.
I believe it is years 65 - 12/74. I am sure you will let me know if im wrong on the years.

Big Beers for this one.:beer::beer::beer::beer:
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I think I just threw my old one away... and yes, I used it as a pattern.

I have to believe that dimensions would work too...
Do you think the glass shop still has the pattern on hand?
How much was it, if you dont mind?
What shop did you use, and where?
Windshield Glass

I have the Glass in my Basement, It has a small crack, Fj40, Your welcome to come get it,
I live in San Rafael, at San Quentin , Give me a call 415 459 4636 I'm running lexan.

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