Need to ship a vehicle form DFW-ATL? Great Deal this Thursday!!!

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Jul 15, 2009
San Francisco, CA
United States
Hi Y'all,

I hired a commercial, professional, licensed, registered and insured driver to haul 2 of my vehicles from DFW to ATL this Thursday. I am a car enthusiast so I interviewed many haulers to find the right guy. There is one spot still open on the open back 3 car trailer. If you would like to ship your car in the same direction please send me an pm. Pick up will be on Thursday the cost will be $550. This is a direct shipment so your car wont be driven on and off the trailer, and driven around the hubs like so many of the big rig haulers do. There will also not be any cars above your car to leak oil onto it etc. This is the best, safest most economical way I have found to transport my cars.

Please contact me ASAP so I can make arrangements before Thursday.

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