Need to find a reasonably priced place to store an 8' camper

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Dec 3, 2005
Coquitlam B.C.
I called around to the storage/rv places and they all want over $100 per month to store an 8' camper.

Thats more per year than I am going to pay for a camper. I would take it to my mom's but she lives on Gabriola Island (not convient) or my dad's but he lives in williams lake (again not convinent).

If you know of any storage places in maple ridge, the valley or if you have a big assed yard and want to make a little extra coin let me know thanks.
Take the 100 dollars / month and build something similar to this?
Metal Carport Kit Styles

Course judging by the "if you have a big assed yard" comment, that might not be an option.

Sell the camper?
I live in a town house, so I need a parking spot about 12' long by 10 ' wide. I am willing to pay a fair price. I have not bought a camper yet. Waiting to find a decent parking spot first.
I can likely get you into a spot for half of what you've been quoted - gated and secure.. pm me if you're interrested. (Pitt Meadows)

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