Need some recovery gear?

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Feb 27, 2009
North Charleston/Park Circle
I have been looking online at recovery gear..IE, shackles, tree savers..etc..instead of paying for new ones I am wondering if anybody has used shackles, tree savers, snatch straps, a tire deflator and maybe even a used FRS radio that i can buy from you..i would prefer to get everything from one person but if i cant its ok..let me know..thanks
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I think you did a stellar thing by correcting your spelling........ :)

I might have a FRS you can get If I can find my box...
northern tool has some shackles for like 15 bucks each....I have two WARN but the other two are from northern tool. they have some snatch straps as well...not high dollar but maybe good enough to get you started and unstuck in a pinch. I think you can get snatch strap, two shackles, etc for about $50 total.
Awsome...thanks man i look in to that...
Make sure you get the straps w/ the sewn eye in the ends, not hooks. They (hooks) are for towing only. and tend to fly apart when recovering.
The ARB kits that you can get are really convenient and the quality is top notch. They have just about everything you will need all together.
Not in fashion but I have extra chain and chain booms that I might sell. Who knows.
Thanks Jim for helping me with the link I couldn't get it right..
Good stuff. I pieced my outfit together but that's a good way to go. I bought some of my stuff from Recovery Gear and it was good quality and good service.

An important thing that I hadn't thought of when I started is to make sure that all your metal pieces are stronger than any of your web gear. If something breaks you want nylon flying around, not steel.
I won't run the numbers but it's astonishing the violence a shackle or piece of chain or snatch block accrues behind a piece of nylon stressed to a few tons. Kinda like a 105mm cannon shot without the smoke.
I googled 4X4 recovery and found several good essays on the subject from well known wheelers/teachers.
Yea i bet thanks for the insight man..I can use all the knowledge since Im a beginner to all of this so any insight is very appreciated..
We'll get you over that beginner stage pretty quick.
AKA come on man, you can make it. LOL
Ordered my recovery gear today. They are running a special on the kit I got, for no extra charge they will throw in a heavier duty snatch block instead of the one that comes with it, it was a $30 value so sounded good to me.:cheers:

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