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Oct 7, 2005
Columbia, SC
What do you think I should lean torwards?

The 4runner above:

05' 98,000 miles V8 4wd SR5 with 100k service done for $16,000

Or this 06' Tacoma: Used 2006 Toyota Tacoma V6 Truck Short Double Cab For Sale in Columbia, SC | Capitol Chevrolet Columbia

4d Crew TRD Offroad 72,000 miles 4wd with navigation and BFG's
1 owner, clean carfax, reg. maintenace at Jim Hudson Toyota for $19,000 or less.

I already have an SUV so this is just my truck that will be used for camping, light wheeling, landscape store purchases, boat hauling, etc.

The towing on either will be fine, as I can still tow the 40 in a pinch with the Tacoma, and the 4runner only tows 500 lb. more.

The Tacoma doesn't have a timing belt to replace, and it gets better gas mileage. I would have to spend about $1000 on the runner right away with a small lift and offroad tires, plus the Tacoma has TRAC and a rear locker already. Plus it has the cool power inverter in the bed.

What do you guys think, have already tried to talk myself into the Tacoma?

The 05 4 runner would be last on my list they are not that good. Tacoma will make you happy because it is very balanced. I personally would get the extend cab I think the 4 door one is to long
This is not going to be my wheeler. When I say light wheeling, I mean beaches, fire roads, and 75% of URE. The 40 is the harcore rig, this is just a DD and mild camping rig. I still have to haul the kid, so an ext. cab is out.

I have also found a nice 2007 V6 4wd 4runner for a deal as well with less miles and about the same money. My credit union counts 07 as new so the interest rate savings covers the extra $1500 premium for the newer 4runner. It's got the restyled body, with round fender flares and they put the 5 speed in the V6 then too.

Get the Taco
I am going to test drive it in an hour. The 4runner is still coming into Carmax next week, and I will have to make a decision on it unless I have already bought this.

Why is everyone saying the Taco, because it is a truck, locker, better looking, better resale, more reliable motor, mileage?

The 05 4 runner would be last on my list they are not that good. Tacoma will make you happy because it is very balanced. I personally would get the extend cab I think the 4 door one is to long

Just so you know, the 4 door short bed above and the Access cab is the exact same length. You are refering to the hideous long wheelbase 4 door Tacoma.;)

I just like Tacos. I had an S-10 about 4 years ago (sold it for the down payment on the wife's Jetta) and I would love to have a bed again for trips to Lowes.

Taco has a rear locker, and you is good to go (don't have to spend $1,000 on it like the Runner).
I had a 2002 Dbl Cab before, and I think I really want a bed again. The 4runner just looks kinda swollen to me. And the cargo are isn't going to help in picking up mulch, lumber, etc. I will still have to go hook up the trailer, which will be a pain. I drove my Camry for 6.5 years, and I want to do the same with this one. So I think the Taco will make me happiest in the long run. We'll see after tonight.

I actually like the 4 Runners. I was going to buy a Tacoma but ever since I found out I am having a 3rd child I knew I would need something more versatile and with more seating capacity. Therefore the LC.
I did months upon months of research on the Tacoma boards and I just liked what I saw. I think they are a neat little truck.

Since you have researched these thoroughly what are people doing for front traction?

A) Hacking the TRAC so it stays on with the rear locker
B) Installing an Aussie Locker
C) Installing an ARB
D) Nothing, it's pretty capable in stock form

I believe I would get a set of the Bilstein 5100 adjustable struts to level the front out a little, then maybe get a set of 1.5" super flex rear springs.

Put sliders on from ALL Pro or Demello, and eventually get a plate style front bumper like Brock had on the FJ.

At that point I would stuff some 295/75/16's on.

Belmont - TRAC does not = ATRAC, at least on the FJ. TRAC cuts power to the motor when traction is lost, ATRAC shifts power to 'the wheels that grip' without cutting power from the motor.

I would wheel it like it is for the time being - maybe consider an ARB up front later. Some sliders and front/rear bumpers with a M8000 would be nice, not too crazy upgrades. Maybe tube bumpers for weight savings...
Well the Tacoma 4wd with TRD Offroad pkg must come with ATRAC then from 05'+ because I have seen videos with 05 and 06 trucks with a wheel in the air and the brakes get applied to send traction to the other wheel.

Edit: Just found out that it wasn't standard until 2007. It looks like this truck doesn't even have VSC with TRAC on it. Is that a deal breaker? The 4runner will have ATRAC standard with AWD and a center diff lock for 4lo. If I added a locker to the rear of the 4runner wouldn't it be more capable offroad than the Tacoma?

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Well, I test drove it and made them an offer of private party GOOD value, which would be what I would pay if I bought it from CL, etc.

They took it and are expecting me back tomorrow with the check. I guess I have to really make a decision now, but I really wanted to wait and see how I like the 4runner.

It of course drove like a truck, and I think the 4Runner will drive a lot smoother. It should also have more power, however I really liked the utility aspect of the Tacoma, the rear locker and the higher stance.

What to do, decisions, decisions?

Most use ARB's if they are serious about traction.
Our 07 didn't have TRAC or A-TRAC or whatever. It had the rear e - locker and we put an ARB up front. I miss the Taco - it was a great truck! :)
Well, I think I have decided on the 4Runner. I am still waiting for the Carmax truck to come in.

However, Sparks just got in a nice 05' V8 4WD with only 65,000 miles. It is obviously more money but has 1/3 less miles, is certified, comes with a warranty, and comes from my good buddies at Sparks.

My family has bought over 6 new vehicles form them in the last 5 years, and I really like Patrick, William, and now Jamie out there. Hopefully it is still available and the price is right so I can be in it this weekend.

Thanks for all the help.

That's a good deal...the certified goes to 100,000, right? I love 4runners as well....the room will be better for your family. We ended up getting rid our Tacoma b/c it didn't have the towing capacity to tow the 4Runner.

Show pics! :)
Yep, 100,000 powertrain and roadside. I'll post pics if the deals works out. I have to go by there tomorrow to get some driveshaft bolts that Jamie ordered for me and if all goes well, I'll leave with it then.


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