Need shipping help

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Sep 18, 2002
Rosamond Ca.
I am going to order a Slee Short Bus bumper, but they ship by pallet. Living in Rosamond leaves no options, and I don't know any place that can help me in receiving it. Any suggestions or help appreciated. Thanks!

I would suggest talking to a local business, but I have never tried that
Send me a PM, ill take care of it. If you dont mind driving to the city of Vernon.
Thanks guys. I stopped in at a local automotive repair shop. They are a go for helping me out. We'll see how the shipping price works out.
Funny. The auto repair shop closest to my house allowed me to have the bumper shipped there. Now I feel obligated to have them do some kind of work for me. Better yet, when I go pick it up I'll bring a case of beers with me and leave it there.

Now I am stoked on having the bumper finally on order!
Sharam here on mud runs a LA based shipping company, see if he can receive it.......
It's a bumper, big deal. Ship it to my place, and it's a short drive for you to pick it up

PM me

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