Need pre-sale inspection 90703 - $400 buck for an hour of your time

Jun 9, 2017
Denver, NC
Hi Folks -

I just agreed terms on an FJ80 in the LA area. Truck looks great and I have shipping lined up. That said, I'd like to have a Mud member spend 30 min giving the truck a quick once over before I send a wire to the seller. The seller discloses that the truck as recently developed a stumble upon hard acceleration. Has recently had plugs, wires, cap, etc.

I'm happy to paypal any of my Mud friends who could spare a few to take a look and give me an impartial view. Having a look this weekend would be perfected but not a deal breaker. Just lmk if you can do it and what you need for your time and I'll connect you with the seller.

It's my first FJ80... I've lusted after one since I went to college in the 90's and now I might finally get to join the club!

Thanks in advance!
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