need help with a part number or name of cable/assy i'm looking for. (1 Viewer)

Jan 23, 2008
been looking for about an hour now and can't find the little cable that goes on the back of the door lock in the tail gate, it's a little 6-10" cable with a switch in it that unlocks the front doors when you unlock the hatch with the key....i dove through a few diagrams but ended up chasing my tail as it's both just a cable...but also a switch...that's actuated by the gate lock/key..... can someone help me find a part number or even just point me to which diagram it would be in?
thanks for the help!

story time if you care. i.e not interesting really.
i was putting in trail tailors tailgate lid earlier today and suffered the bummer feeling of realizing i broke the clips that hold it on the back of the lock when i was removing it. really hate when you can't finish a job because you did something stupid during disassembly, i hate tripping over myself.

that said, i was one of the guys who got one of these things for $200 when they first came out, i'm now moving into a new LC (thanks carl!) and actually took the time to carpet the thing this time around and am just really pleased with how it looks and the quality of the piece, it's been a number of years and still holding up great. Jason does some good work! decided to go with carpet as my wife often complained about the painted alum plate getting too hot during the summer and she really loves the fact the LC's have a tailgate unlike her 4runner. lol very happy with the $6 in home depot outdoor carpet ($1.xx per linear foot x 5 feet) and $13 3m spray adhesive it cost me to get it done. i do wonder how well the edges will hold up over time, if i were to do it again i would have wrapped the thing and not only glued the material but clamped it to the truck by simply bolting it in....i'm terrible with upholstery type things....but at least it looks nice for now...i did note that the plunger feet on the back of the door locks barely close due to the increased thickness of the carpet, i'm going to cut the bumpers back half way and that should alleviate the problem.

once i get this switch thing figured out i'm going to sound mat the inside compartment and then build a lightweight frame inside and carpet the interior. i can then put eyelets in and use bungees to keep everything put and orginized, in the old truck it was just one big open space and i basically only used it for tarps and whatever else i could pack in there and hold in place with the tarps....otherwise things rattled and rolled around....the pains of being an early adopter and not getting to see all of the cool ideas and things people have already done....sometimes it's nice to do things a second time, i always like improving myself and the work i'm doing.

i'll get some pics in the wdydtd sticky once i get it all put back together and skookum, until then thanks again for the help and take care hundy guys and gals!


Feb 12, 2017
Portland, OR
Perhaps it’s this?


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