Need help..rear wiper malfuction

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Jun 29, 2012
After owning this 1998 LC for about two weeks the rear wiper came on one day out of the blue (I had thought maybe I had turned the rear wiper on by mistake, that was unlikely being I owned one in the past, I can find and operate all the controls with my eyes closed)

Any ways I did do a seach for this but this topic is incomplete/no fix to this odd problem to date? I ordered a wiper and relay from cruiser parts to see if it will fix it.

I did do this.....When the wiper was (with wiper off the window) running on and on I had disconected each and every conector one by one from every electronic box that I could find below the drivers/passenger side dash.

Some say in the post that the ECU controls the rear wiper functions, I don't think its so because I disconnected each connector one by one on the ecu and the wiper never turned off at any time. I did this two with the ignition in the on position and the other way in the off position.

All the wireing looks like the day this thing rolled off the accessibly line, so the grounds all look well connected.

I am stumped because I can usually fix just about every thing on my own, but this seems to be very complacated.

If I could get help for a fix for this I would be very happy as I do use this rear wiper.

Any ideas?:doh:
I am fairly certain it's the body ecu that controls the rear wiper. They run about 700 new. Maybe you could find a used one. Search for body ecu and see what comes up.
Do you have any idea where this ECU body control is located at?

It seems like every box is (it's a 1998 LC) labeled as far what it is for.
A few boxes are very hard to see the writing on them but was able to disconect the wire harness from theses. Still the wiper runs non stop.

Like I mentioned...every box that (the glove box removed) I can reach, I have removed the harness to see if the wiper stops.

It would seem that the wiper would stop if the right controll module was disconnected??
Read this as well, good info. All grounds look great as well as the wire.

So, does anyone have any idea where this ECU body control is located at on a 1998?
The wiper relay is inside the tailgate. There is also a plug in the tailgate which is known to get filled with water and corrode.

The Body Control ECU is the same as the Instrument ECU (stated in the FSM, and yes: confusing) and located above the navigation/radio.
I found the relay in the tailgate long ago, this LC does not have the Nav option. Are you saying this box is located above the radio in the dash??

When I had the radio out a while ago I did not remember seeing any control box.
Ok, found a box above the raidio labaled "CONTROLLER & JUNCTION INSTRUMENT 82791-80040"
There are four connectors on it, three white in color, one blue in color. The blue conector when unplugged from the box..the rear wiper stops.

I owner if this also controls the power mirror function as well?? Having an issue with the passenger side mirror not waning to pan down. Some times the driver will not pan up or down?

Took the power mirror switch apart and found one of the four contact pad terminals burnt up.
Never heard of a cruiser's ecu go bad, except for due to water/corrosion.
But there is always a 1st...
Their are only two things that are not working correctly, the power mirrors and the rear wiper.

I forgot to test the power mirrors before reinstalling the radio and panel back in.

I think I am going to trace down which wire controls the rear wiper and cut this wire and splice a switch with a intermiant feature built in.

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