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Mar 1, 2007
Frisco, TX

Hi, I know, there are a lot of information on this subject and have done a lot of research already, and I still have problems.

Need some help !... please ! !

My case is strange. I just bought a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser, and it did not come with the remote, and no documentation. However, I knew it had an alarm system.

I found the main unit, and the only thing on it was the FCC ID: ELVAR6A, which tells me is not the same unit that most of the 97 Land Cruisers have.

After some research I found that this system was used in the south east on Rav4s and Tacomas, and for some reason it is on my S80. I called a dealer down there(FL), and they sent me the remote.

According to them, their part number for the brain is 00016-30960-01, and for the remote is the same, but ending in 03.

The FCC ID on the remote is ELVAT5G.

I’ve looked everywhere for programming instructions, and I’ve found just one procedure that did not work.

Anybody has some suggestions or instructions ???

Thanks !
Nov 25, 2005
Prescott Valley, AZ
Thats not an RS3000 receiver....the ELV is the aftermarket stuff.

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