Need Help in N. Charleston

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Apr 7, 2011
Fellow Mudders,

I am set to purcahse my first LC/LX and would appreciate it if someone could check out the one I am currently looking at. It is in North Charleston, here is the link:

1997 Land Cruiser (LX450/LX 450)

The known issues that the seller has disclosed to me already is that the front locker engages by does not automaticly disengage. The antenna does not work, he said the motor on it work but the antenna most likly will need replacing. Also a piece of plactic molding has fallen off the rear tailgate. There is also some surface rust underneath that needs to be check out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Colby...I might be able to check it out tomorrow. I will PM you my email address to pass to the guy. I work in North Charleston and can do a quick drive by today or a more thorough one tomorrow if he is available where I can crawl under the vehicle and such. Just let me know.
Meeting owner at 10am for you tomorrow....I will send an email of what I find and think for what it is worth. If you get serious about it and cant come down yourself would recommend having LexTech LLC look it over good for is not free service but he is very thorough!
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