Need Help - "How To" Nav DVD upgrade install

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Oct 30, 2007
Yes I a few different searches of NAV upgrade and looked in the FAQ section - couldn't find it.

Can someone please post a step-by-step on how to install the NAV DVD (its under the passenger seat in an '03, right?)?

Also, any issues with doing this - potential problems?

I'm leaving for a trip on Saturday and probaby won't get the upgrade until Thursday? That won't give me much time to trouble shoot?

I'm hoping its as easy as popping in the new DVD and turning the ignition on.....but my luck, it will be much more involved....

Thanks!!!! :flipoff2:
It is very easy.

Put seat as fully forward as it will go.
there is a plastic cover over the nav unit. remove that.
you will find an "eject button"
eject "old" dvd
insert new dvd.
replace cover.
you are done.
Sowbug - did you buy the DVD from Toyota? Still $250?
I ordered was $265 + tax - that was the same price Cruiser Dan could sell it for less tax - but + shipping.

2003LC, thank you VERY MUCH for the very simple instructions.....and I like your cars....I was born in '68, would like to see pics of that Camaro!

Have a good one!
Sowbug - did you ever figure out your LC radio and backup camera issue from a few years ago? It shows Audio Off when you pushed Audio button? I have the same symptoms occur this morning to my 2006 LC. Help?? Thank you.

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