Need help choosing paint/sealer

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Jul 8, 2016
I need some help choosing the correct paint/sealer for my recent project. I built a wood frame in the bed of my truck to have a raise sleeping platform and some storage. I used 1/2" sanded plywood and some 2x4's. I was going to cover it in some outdoor carpet from home depot which i have already used for a subfloor in the rear of my crew cab.

However, since this frame will be in the bed of my truck and constantly exposed to the elements i want to make sure its sealed properly so it will last over time. I also plan to glue the carpet down, so i want to make sure whatever paint/sealer i use will allow me to glue on top of it to hold the carpet down.

The reason i never painted the subfloor in my cab is that its inside and protected from weather, and i only stapled the carpet down so i could easily replace it since the dog gets it really dirty. Has been holding up fine so far but i want the bed in the back to really last!




Could use something cheap like a latex paint or get some nice epoxy sealer, same stuff you might use on a boat. I have used this stuff and have had excellent results.
S-1 Sealer
I know others had success using bedliner paint on a bare wood. You can also spray it with a thin coat of fiberglass resin as a prep.

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