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Jun 7, 2004
Good morning, Cruisers:

Mike McInnis, a member of the Florida Land Cruiser Club, our brothers to the South and home of Capt. Jim, is employed by Southeast Toyota. He has requested our assistance in helping build the newly developed Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Toyota is wanting to know what factory accessories we want on it. For example: foglights, winches, lockers, etc. Nothing is impossible! THIS IS YOUR WISH LIST!!!

If you want to participate, SEND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS to Mike at Toyota will then send you a form by email for your individual participation.

Hey, fellas... how often are we asked to help build a legend?
Sep 12, 2003
Tacoma, WA
Sweet! i'm definitly signing up.

A turbo diesel, lockers, turbo diesel, optional 35"s (at least 33"s), a turbo diesel, manual 6-speed option, a turbo diesel, sway bar disconnects, a turbo diesel, OEM integrated tool kit and winch, and a turbo diesel....the list goes on....

Oh yeah, and a Turbo Diesel. :grinpimp:
Jan 2, 2003
Dweller on the Threshold
atta boy Mike!

Brother Mike is an unofficial Upstate Cruisers member. ;)
His blue SOA 40 sports one of our stickers. :)
He also is a co-renter of the Chalet at Tellico each year
along with me. He gave out those neat T shirts last year too. :)
On to the wish list:
selectable lockers
removable hardtop
on board air
roll bar
in dash GPS which can be removed for use outside vehicle
factory winch option

I'll send this to Mike pronto.....thank you Mike and Alex! .....
and Toyota of course!
Jun 6, 2004
Bozeman, MT
Sent him an email so i can get in on it. I dont have quite as big a list since I still think the outside looks like crap and havent thought about it to much but I can of course do all the usual goodies like: full roll cage, dual lockers, winch, sliders, some hellas, 35's, GPS, removable top, and that turbo diesel sounds awesome.
May 1, 2005
West Palm Beach, Florida
Many of you will recognize mike from his 70 series troopy shown below. This is one of Mike's many LC's.

In talking with Mike, I believe Toyota will E-mail out a questionaire if you provide them with an email addy. I believe all Mike needs now is an address and SE Toyota will do the rest.

The turbo Diesel, lockers, 6-speed all sound good. I also want more of a utility interior, something without leather that I won't be afraid to dunk. :grinpimp:

Tire options will save a lot of money once you make the purchase.
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