Need headgasket(s) replaced... I think. Please help :)

Feb 18, 2022
Colorado Springs, CO
I have a 2010 GX460 with the 4.6l v8, which unfortunately last month the radiator cracked and it overheated once. I got the radiator replaced but it still ends up losing some coolant while gaining some extra air in the system pushing additional fluid out of the system and into the overflow bottle. On hot starts after long drives I get a misfire on normally one cylinder, occasionally two, just for the first few seconds of startup, which I assume is some coolant hanging out in those cylinders.

To test so far, I have tried testing for exhaust in the coolant while running but it came back negative... though I know these tests have plenty of false negatives. I have also done a cooling system pressure test, which I lose around 1 psi per 20 minutes while cold, 1 psi per 10 minutes while hot. After each pressure test I get a misfire on startup for a few seconds, again I assume some fluid making it into the cylinder. Also after each pressure test, I believe I smell some coolant in the exhaust right at startup... but I have smelled so much coolant the last few days, it could just be my imagination. No milky oil from what I can tell, so I assume the issue is between water jacket and cylinder.

So comes my real question... where should I take this to get diagnosed and fixed? This is a budget car with tons of miles, so I need to stay pretty budget conscious. I also have up to a month to have this fixed, which is a nice buffer. I am up in Westcliffe, but spend a couple days a week in Colorado Springs.

Thank you for any help you can provide! :)


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Jun 11, 2005
Colorado Springs
Give Zac a call at Nomad Cruisers, 719-482-0139.

I also like Bear Automotive off Galley Road in SE Colo Springs (a block away from Redline Land Cruisers). You could call Red Line also, but I assume they are deep/busy and may be backscheduled several weeks (so often the case).

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