Need Expediter(will be paid) near Los Angeles(LAX) & Torrence, CA ... more ...

Mar 15, 2004
Dry Fork, WV
Basically I have a stripped FJ60 frame I have purchased in Los Angeles(LAX), Torrence, California and I need somebody to help me crate it with 2x4 lumber, staple cardboard to the frame and schlep it over to Forward Air.

The seller has a trailer which to schlep it to Forward Air.

Somebody located in the area or Torrence would be prefered and there will be appropriate $$$ compensation for you time, labor, and expenses.

Will have to front you the appropriate funds in advance for the shipping as Forward Air only takes money orders and their quotes are non binding.

Much Thanks in Advance,

P.S. I have a reputation for tipping *real* well.

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