Need ARB skidplate installation instructions

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Oct 28, 2007
San Diego
I am installing ARB skids on my LC and am missing some hardware. I looked around for the installation instructions but can't seem to find them anywhere. The link on the ARB website just opens a duplicate tab and does not download anything, maybe a browser issue?

Does anyone have a link to the pdf or can post a pdf here?

I am trying to figure out how the cross member piece mounts. It seems I need to remove the transmission cross member bolts and use longer bolts instead of the factory ones? Not sure if there is any other special hardware there. Looks like in the picture there is a special washer. What bolts are used to attach the skid to the crossmember?
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A fellow MUD member was kind enough to help me out. Attached are the installation instructions for posterity. For some reason the link on the ARB website does not work.


  • 5415100-UVP-LC200-SERIES-(3789252).pdf
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Any modifications required with the current version? I recall reading about fitment issue with the initial release as it was designed for the diesel 200.

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