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Apr 14, 2007
I suppose since there are not very many active people on the club house site any more I will post something up. Generally we have done a Mahoney meeting and it has been great in the past. I would say that if anyone would like to we can do it again great let me know and I will bring food and cruisers. Perhaps make it in Fremont as a general half way between Omaha and Lincoln. I can have hot dogs or BBQ or something we can figure out. I know my brother would be happy to show up. I am open to suggestions, criticisms, outlandish remarks about the location or using other locations. I just want to talk to other cruiser people without having to drive 16 hours to meet them. We will tentatively plan for May 25th or 26th, with a back up of June 15th or 16th and a contingency of July 13 or 14, this should be plenty of notice for all. If the July is the better bet there is a nice town festival with everything from civil war reenactment and knight battles to a car show and military trucks . PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Which ever date has more people available then that is what we will go for.
As for the activity it can be the same the more votes for what we do is the activity we chose to do or heck we can do more than one .
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