Wanted N. Utah. FJ40 front bumper.

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Apr 17, 2011
Ogden, Utah
I took my bumper off to do the saginaw box and I feel like since I've refreshed everything else, I should put a bumper back on that has seen less combat. I'm torn between a new OEM I can pick up for ~$250 or something aftermarket (more capable).

With the exception of a few things that probably only detail oriented Cruiser Heads would notice, my truck LOOKS pretty original. I'm no purist though (sorry guys, I let you down :). I used the winch on my FJ Cruiser a handful of times in the 3 years I had it, because when you need a winch, you REALLY need a winch. However, I'm a ways out from taking the 40 that far off the beaten path for now. The truck is REALLY shiny, AND I want to spend some time with it to make sure everything under the hood runs as God intended before I get too far away from the tow trucks (Still has original 1F with unknown mileage).

I could get on the waiting list for an ARB catcher's mask with @cruiseroutfit but it's a spendy piece (although I gave Kurt more $ just for rubber), and call me weird, although I like the nostalgia and sheer brute factor of the catcher's mask, I like the newer aesthetic just a little better. The new style is like John Wick in a tailored suit. The catcher's mask style is like Hodor from Game of Thrones. Also, the chances of a kangaroo strike are surprisingly low for me. 🦘 🚙

Thought I'd check to see what people have laying around so I can see all my options before buying.

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