MY Wife wants WHAT?

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Dec 27, 2018
San Diego County
I was just informed last night that my wife WANTS to go 4 wheeling for Mothers Day! Damn....I got a good one! :D

Now I need to figure out where to go. Any suggestions?
Not sure what part of SD you are in but a few suggestions for southern Borrego area: 1) Valley of the Moon/Tabletop Mtn, or 2) Painted Gorge/Carrizo Mtn, or 3) Canyon Sin Nombre/Arroyo Tapiado/Arroyo Seco del Diablo loop are all in close vicinity to the fine establishment of the Lazy Lizard in Ocotillo. We wandered into the Lizard on a Mother's Day and the locals were having a potluck and warmly welcomed us to join in! Bring your own koozie, play pool, and drink/feed like a local Ocotillian! :cheers:
I'd love to get some driving in on the 12th but two mothers and a dad's birthday not going to make it for us. Have a great time will be thinking about you.
Thinking about Los Pinos Loop. Does anyone if it is closed? It looks like it goes around the perimeter of the Corral Canyon OHV area.
Another great day out with the family!
We ended up heading a different direction today. First stop, Old Mine Road out of Ranchita. We wound around out there exploring. None of the trails were very long. Probably combined from the time we left pavement to getting back on, 5-6 miles. None of the trails were very hard. We did need to lock up and let the air down to make it through a couple of spots. The trails got a little narrow in spots but no "permanent" pinstriping.

The Kids got a kick out of the old Mine.


Flowers were still blooming!


Wife still second guessing if she made the right decision! Her and winding roads don't go together well.

Then we left for Jasper Trail to Grapevine Road. Both had a few rough spots but nothing that required locking up. We were still aired down so the ride was smooth. My son drove for most of the way.

But then........

My daughter Sarah got her first chance behind the wheel! She drove for about a mile. The road was fairly straight and flat. It DID get narrow in a couple of spots. Looks like I will need to get her and my son Land Cruisers!

We took a few breaks along the way to take in the view.....

Turned around and found the kid on top of the rig!

Continued....(for more pics)
My wife was happy after the roads smoothed out!

A lot of Jasper/Grapevine look like this.


Very scenic! We only saw one other person on the trails today.

All in all, a great day on the trail!

Stopped by to see my mother on the way home.....


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