My trailer from so cal to so tex

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Nov 6, 2006
Victoria, TX
United States
I posted this for sale in the classifieds but someone said I should see if anyone is heading my way from Southern Cali. I'm in Victoria TX

Heavy duty flat bed trailer Ok, I built this trailer from an old single wide trailer frame. It has solid 2" square axles, with an insane amount of leafs in the leaf springs. All the welding was done by a certified military welder. The single wide frame was originally 40 ft which I cut down to 12 feet and added the extra long tongue for a tool box later. It has a 2 5/16 ball. I did all the wiring myself it has an 8point trailer wire connection. It has drum brakes on all four wheels which are electric. These may need to be taken apart I have not tried using them. I have replaced all 4 wheels and tires and have a fifth as a spare. The decking is screwed in from the bottom of the trailer. I had intended on changing the decking to 2x6s and bolting them down for added security but didn't have time. I'm only parting with the trailer because when I was living in northern California I allowed someone to borrow it to move to southern California (river side). He forgot to tell me that he couldn't afford to bring it back. :( So the trailer is in Riverside and I'm now living in South Texas. So all in all I've decided to sell it. the deck is 5'5" wide and 12' long. Not big enough for a car but will haul anything that you can put on it without the springs moving much. Oh yeah the fenders may or may not be attached in a solid manner because that so called friend that borrowed it well he broke the mounts.

I'm asking $2000 obo Don't be afraid to give me an offer.


Oh anyone that has seen my add for the 87 wagonneer that's it in the background...

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