My stereo idea

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Jan 4, 2007
As cool as the OE AM radio is, i'm tired of it.. But it's still cool and I'd hate to just get rid of it. So, in an attempt to not bastardize the dash board with a CD player (I hate CD's anyways), I turned to a buddy who has been piecing together small sound audio system aimed at custom rock crawler type applications. Think rock buggies, rhinos, Razors, etc - rigs that have very limited space.

Ok, so check out this kit he's provided. I got it all together, just waiting to get some speakers and then install. I haven't had time to poke around the cruiser to see where the amp will go etc.. But perhaps I'll have time tonight. I'll report back how this setup holds up.




My buddy did a very nice set up in his troopy with the amps mounted under the seats and the radio in an armrest between buckets. Didn't need to cut the dash at all. I like your set up. Should be easy to work. Hide the amps inside the rear cargo panels!!

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