My LX570 lookin like my old LC200

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Mar 19, 2009
Black LC door handles and window trim replaced chrome. Chrome door molding removed too.

Silver roof rack painted black.

Much better in my opinion and ought to be a factory option.
That looks great. Very sharp, and nicely done.

Like it better with less chrome/accents.
Looks great! I agree, should be a factory option. I had the option when I ordered my 4runner in 2005, and went with black over chrome/grey. I just finished getting all the chrome on the front of mine painted black. Very happy with the results!
hotboimaknusweat said:
Very nice. Are the door handles and the black trim both from LC?

Yes. I just used the VIN off of a black LC 200. I did the window trim myself. Simple. I let shop do handles.

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