my dog got me out of a speeding ticket...

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Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC
So i had a late evening appointment, and out of town to boot, runs well into evening and all Ive had since lunch was the beer the client offered me. Heading home w/ the speed control set and following the car in front of me when i get blue lighted to my surprise. Actually tried letting him pass till i realized he had no such intentions. :doh: I pull off and he approaches me w/ the usual ? of know why i stopped you? i was honest and told him i had a late mtg that went long and i was eager to get home.... neither one of had eaten. I dont know think hed seen my dog in my pass. seat so as he peers in w/ flashlight to see who "us" is right as my dog Brodi barfs all over my lap and front seat. COP is like WOAH..... um you got your liscense and reg? im like sure ... can i go around to get my reg from the glove box (and get the puke of my lap) "NO... thats all right the liscense should be fine"

five min later i recieve my first warning ticket ever :bounce: Good Boy!

definately think it was due to the 'incident' and perhaps a clean driving record. And i definately think my guy got sick b/c of the strobe lights as he was stressing and whining as we waited on the side for the officer to approach.
alsbumpwheelshouses 005.jpg
Nope :D He's all good, just not a fan of the disco effects. Went right back to sleep after i got back on the road:lol:
If a cop calls my dog NOAH, there's gonna be a fight...
good thing he didn't blow ass in the seat also! ...... there is a jake brake story for that one.
good thing he didn't blow ass in the seat also! ...... there is a jake brake story for that one.

now that ive broken the chat virgin status im trying to limit myself to only one post a day...... already lost countless hours of my wednesday in here. AND yes im glad there were no braking big rigs around :D
Dig it! He's a good boy! Great story! :cheers:

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