My 3rd Cruiser!

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Feb 16, 2005
So California
I've been a long time lurker since 2004 when I picked my FJ80. Then came FJ40 early last year and then, 2 weeks ago, this awesome FJ Cruiser. This site has helped me tremendously, many thanks to all the experts; this is perhaps the most technically loaded site.
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Welcome to the madness that is MUD. :flipoff2:

Be sure to check out the tech forums for 40's and 80's too...lots of good info in there.

Oh, and the Bezel police have arrived...flip that bezel on the 40!
Thanks guys (bezel was flipped on the 40 when I bought it).

I do a lot of work on my 40 and 80 but the FJC will be untouched for the time being. I took lots of pictures, inside and out, especially the underside and engine bay to keep a record of its pristine condition. I'm even thinking of recording the engine sound in idle and running for future reference, has anyone done something similar?
Awesome collection! Post more pics :cool:

Welcome and congrats! I salute you :flipoff2:
dude, the bezel is on correctly.
stay with the FJC :flipoff2:

Dude, I am not a dude. Just a chick that didn't look hard enough at the pic!

My bad, Zang...carry on.

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