Multiple items I need to have fixed


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Apr 6, 2012
Greenwood, AR
Guys I live in the Fort Smith river valley area. This year in getting ready for HIH9 I made the mistake of letting Firestone replace my CV axles and steering rack. They are both working, but the CVs are already clicking and neither replacements were OEM. This is my bad, I was in a time crunch and had no other choice.

While at HIH I broke a radiator fan blade and made a temp fix by counter weighing the fan to limp

My question, with these multiple fixes I need done (along with a 90k service) who and here can I trust to take my truck to get this all done. The dealership on Fort Smith sucks and I won’t go there.

I need to get OEM CV’s, steering rack, radiator fan, and 90k service done. All this is just slightly above my pay grade, and I need a place I trust to do a good job.

I appreciate any and all suggestions.
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