Mudship to Maine on Friday

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Master of Nothing
Dec 26, 2006
Mt. Millis
I'm heading to Lewiston, ME very early this Friday morning. I have a meeting there at 10 am then I'm coming straight back to MA same day.

Anyone need anything moved around? I have a Mini but could use the wife's Volvo SUV if there was something bigger that needs moving.

Heading to VT on the 20th and will be in Wally's neck of the woods
Hey....just a note of appreciation. You are consistently offering up mudship help. I have taken advantage of the offer before and just want to say thanks for building good cruiser karma on the board....

Thanks for the good words. I travel all the time so getting to talk cruisers while I'm out driving around really breaks up the monotony of the wine business and the windshield time.

Happy to help!

Might be doing one to Chicago and back in June. Depends on the car situation then
Speaking of Maine mudships, I met Rufus yesterday, and I picked up the doors from the '82 Troopy. I'm not sure if I'll keep the leopard-spotted panels...

Thanks for the license plate holder. It looks great.

Did a key come with the Troopy? I forgot to ask Rufus. I'd like to use the door locks that are on the doors, but if no key exists, how hard is it to swap door locks? (I have a set on some '78 doors.)
Man I'd like to go, but I have to get my house inspected (before I can buy it). I take it's at All Wheels? I'll be just down the road.

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