Mudship - Salisbury to Charlotte

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Apr 23, 2009
Tega Cay, SC
I'm fortunate to live not far from Cirbo so I am often the beneficiary of his wisdom and have access to his tools.:wrench:

I'd like to do something nice for him since I've been such a leach and it came up on Sunday that he needs som G6 media from a place called Blast-It-All in Salisbury (185 Piper Lane, Salisbury, NC 28147).

I was going to order over the internet it but the cost of shipping the $27 50 lbs. bag was twice the cost of the bag itself UPS Ground. :eek:

If anyone is coming from that neck of the woods to Charlotte or nearby in the next week or so during normal business hours, I'll gladly compensate you for your time and trouble.:beer::beer::beer:
I can do it on Monday - heading to CLT then GSP then AVL then RDU...
So if anyone needs anything else speak up cause I'm just about hitting it all!
I can do it on Monday - heading to CLT then GSP then AVL then RDU...
So if anyone needs anything else speak up cause I'm just about hitting it all!

Beer on monday??
I'm in Salisbury 4 days a week. If it doesn't work out with Jared I can help. I have a blaster myself and would like to check the place out. Let me know.
David, I got your message yesterday. I should be up there on Friday. I'll call you thursday night to confirm this.
Thanks to everyone for your offers to help. :cheers:

Al, remind me which Yeti Ale it is that you like and I'll stop by Frugal McDoogals and pick some up for your time and trouble.:beer:

Brad, you can check out Blast-It-All's website @ BLAST-IT-ALL®
I will also offer to bring anything from Salisbury to Charlotte. I live there and work in Charlotte 5 days a week.Have been wanting to check out the place for the blast material, but with the aircompressor gone the blast cabinet is now a storage locker.
Okay, Al PM'd me to say he can't get it tomorrow after all.

Jared, Brad, Obayha - any of you guys up for it? If not, it seems Al can handle it on Friday, 5/7.
I will roll into Salisbury around 2:30 tomorrow and be at work on Monday morning. I work on the west side of the city, Morehead st. near Wilkerson. How many bags of G6 and I will pick them up. I know nobody knows me, but I can do good stuff. Let me know.
I was in Salisbury today and wanted to stop by Blast-it-all just to look around but I didn't have the address on me.

If it works for you, let obayha pick it up. I don't go to Salisbury on Fridays. If something falls through, I will be in Salisbury Monday - Thursday of next week.
Obayha - I think Blast-It-Al is open till 4:30 pm so if you could swing by tomorrow before they close, that would be fantastic. Just 1 bag for now, thanks. I work about 5-10 minutes from you (Metropolitan where BestBuy, Trader Joe's, Target, etc are) and can swing by your work on Monday at whatever time works for you (I typically arrive at work at 7 am). If your plans fall through, let me know and I'll work it out with Al or Brad for later in the week. Oh, do you like any hard to find beer I can get for you at Frugal McDoogals for your time and trouble?

Thanks fellas!
Took a chance and went by Blast-it-all this morning and picked up a bag. I see you are on line. Call me (704) 622-1796. I am here till about 12:00 today. Pickup address 2211 W. Morehead St. 28208. The Marble and Stone Shop.
Update - Met Shane at his work this morning and picked up the media. :cheers:

Thanks for everyone's offers to help.

Shane, come join us at URE in May. If your '82 FJ40 isn't trail ready, you can surely ride with me or one of the guys in a more built rig. Come join in the fun.
Thanks for the invite. I am trying to get out more this year. Don't live to far from Ure, so it is a easy trip. Glad I was able to help.

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