MTR's strength

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Mar 15, 2003
i just want to find out how many of you are running these tires and if anyone has had any sidewall blow outs or serious trail damage on them i am looking at buying a set of 37's but i am kind of worried about the strength.
I'm on my second set, and have had no problems at all, besides your ordinary chunking of the tread blocks.

I cut 2 of the 35"s before the blue stuff came off the white letters. One didn't last 2 obstacles at ERoCC. I love my BFG's!
I had the exact opposite happen to me, I cut 2 of my bfg muds when they were pretty new. Also blew out a sidewall on a procomp mud, and a sidewall on an ssr.
I had a sapling pierce my sidewall of my BFG AT KO.

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