Mt. Herman Rd. & X-mas tree cutting (1 Viewer)

Dec 20, 2005
Monument, CO
Just an FYI,

Mt. Herman Rd. is closing on Nov. 3 until Jan. 2. So it won't be open during the X-mas tree cutting season. The Forest Service is getting some much needed road work done. Mt. Herman Rd. now has two gates on it: one at Red Rocks Dr. (near Monument) and the second is one the east side of the 320A intersection. Mt. Herman Rd. will be open from Rampart Range Rd. to 320A (about 5.25 miles).

News for club old timers:

Frank Landis retired the end of September. Frank was Rick Ellsworth's boss.
Robby Cox is retiring when the X-mas tree cutting program is over (around Dec. 18). Robby is the guy that was always freezing his butt off on the tractor.
Mar 14, 2010
colorado springs
That sucks they are gone or leaving. Thanks for the info on Mt.Herman road. I would have been a little mad trying to use it in in the later months and coming across a closed gate.

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