Mt Cheam

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Dec 14, 2007
Nelson, BC
So at the last chilliwack river valley trails association meeting it came up that there was a washout blocking the road to Mt Cheam. The quad/dual sport guys said no way you'd be getting a truck in there anytime soon.

Soooo, I went on a wheeling date after dinner yesterday with my 40, to catch up on old times :flipoff2:.

There are a few rills in the road before the second switchback that might be a challenge for low 2wds. There is one debris torrent to cross that does require 4wd and some clearance. Other than that, not much different than I remember it.

Hit snow I'd guess about 2km from the top. Messed around a bit and let the dog play in the snow a while before heading back. I'd guess another month or so before the Mt Thurston loop to Chipmonk trail (the far hills in the 3rd pic) is clear, maybe less if it stays this warm. Lots of heavy snow in the shade still.

I was across the valley from you yesterday, (Chehalis) It was hot during the day.
Yup, and good compression/low gearing holds it good. Don't think I'd trust just the mounted drum brake on its own.

Actually as I was backing up the bank wheels turned I thought, now would be the time for the pre-birfeild ball and claw axle shafts to break, so far so good.
Aaron, how far up Chehalis can you go these days? Or did you head in from the north/Harrison side?
Thanks for checking that out Martin; I was thinking of heading up that way over Father's Day weekend. The snow usually doesn't clear to the parking lot (of the trail head up Cheam) until the end of June.
Aaron, how far up Chehalis can you go these days? Or did you head in from the north/Harrison side?

Went up Chehalis RD to where the little slide on the road way is .

I didnt have much time, but 159.660mhz ( Chehalis Frequency) had contractors moving machinery and blocking the Canfor Road.

According to the net , some people made it to the lake in Feb. this year via Canfor Road.
uggg....must get out soon. Even if to cook some dogs at Hale. Or explore a few roads I have not been on in a few years.

those ATV guys crack me up it's amazing how many place I've been through that apparently are "impossible in a truck" in accordance to them. Just cause they don't know how to ride their raised scooters doesn't mean the rest of us can't wheel.
Good to see the trail is still passable

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