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Jul 10, 2006
Timmy's-culo, CA
I've accepted a job that will take me from Memphis to outside of LA. I'm originally from the Chicago area and moved o Memphis about 3 years ago. I'm looking forward to being a more active user of my cruiser and also hope to be a member of the Southern CA club. I'm looking for any information / advise on where to live north of San Diego. I will need to drive to Perris CA so I'm thinking that Murrieta or maybe Escondido would be as far south as I could live. I've also heard that Oceanside is nice but might be a little too far to drive every day. Any info would be appreciated.

I have not visited the clubs before so I apologize if this should be posted somewhere else.
You should find a temporary place for a couple of months, just to scout out places your interested in. Traffic is pretty bad in So Cal. And it depends on what you can afford, things can be pretty steep down there. I had a 20 mile commute that would take over an hour on a regular day so it depends on how you feel about sitting in traffic. But the weather is nice.

Good Luck
Working in Perris which is off the 215 (on Jacinto?) south of riverside. I'm getting an apartment in Temecula so I can check out the areas after work. The 60/215 junctions is messed up in the morning. Just drove south tonight but it was about 6:30 and there was not a lot of traffic.
If you are going to be working in the perris area you might just get your wish for more cruiser time.... I don't live near there, but I head to the Perris/ Beaumant/ Banning/ Hemet/ Idlewild areas to do a lot of my wheeling and adventuring... If I lived closer or worked out there I might get into more trouble than I could handle though...

And traffic is the biggest bitch of So-Cal. Haaaaaate it! There are a lot of nice places to live out here, but I would rather just live closer to where I work, (or work closer to where I live), and not deal with the daily insanity.
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I'm back in Memphis this week and holy crap there are a lot of people in CA. Took a ride up the pacific coast highway on Saturday before my flight out Sunday and was glad it was the next day. Getting a townhouse in Temecula for about 3 months to check out the areas. Like Idlewild ,Illdywild, Idywildy but not sure I can convince the wife to live up there. Thanks for the suggestions and I will keep updating / asking questions as I get them. Drive out next week for a two week stay but the cruiser will not make the trip until I buy a place.
My wife worked in Perris and we came out here from Nashville. Don't rule out the old, historic neighborhoods in Riverside and Redlands. PM me once you get back in town if you want to get a 10-cent tour.
I absolutely will. I plan to be out next week and stay until the 25th so I'll have a few weeks/weekends to look around. I stayed near the Mission Inn Riverside but didn't get to see much of anything other than the hotel and the highway. I really appreciate the offer.
Youll be alright in Temecula. I live in the desert north of you if you take the I15 North to Las Vegas and drive to Long Beach every day sometimes 7 days a week. Talk about seeing the worst of So. Cal. Traffic. BUT I get off my exit and pull directly on to a trail, Hit the lockers and work em out. You do deal with traffic but theres SO much more to So. Cal than freeways. You just gotta get off them sometimes and its a real nice place to live. I used to live in Moreno Valley near Perris but I hear the areas changed a bit.
Going to spend some time with a Realtor next week looking at Murrieta, Temecula, Fallbrook and Lake Elsinore areas. Traffic hasn't been that bad going north on 215 but the Temecula exits are insane. I've never seen that many cars consistently packed together, even in my Chicago days. That's my only real concern, getting around the Temecula area with all the traffic. I'm looking forward to taking my cruiser offroad .The only time I got it dirty in TN was pulling a friends jeep out of the mud.

No way could I stomach the prices if the market hadn't taken a dip. Still needs to drop a little more for me to buy all the extras I want for my new off-roading opportunities.

Looked at another post (2006) about Temecula / Murrieta cruiser folks getting together on a regular basis. Any idea if that ever happened?

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