Motorcyle trip for Memorial weekend - Anyone interested?

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Mar 10, 2008
Holly Springs NC
Hi All,

Short notice I know, but I thought I would through it out there anyway.

My wife and myself, a buddy from this area and another couple from VA take ride every memorial weekend and I thought I would invite anyone else interested.

Leaving this Thursday (21st) after work and returning Tuesday (26th) in the afternoon. No firm route aside from heading to Roanoke VA, up through Goshen pass, up into WV and back.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

Would of loved to but we are looking more at that house that weekend and a few others in that part in NC.
Alright all, leaving tomorrow afternoon call me if anyone changes their mind or decides they want to do.
See you all next Tuesday evening :D My number is listed on the roster and in several other post.

Be safe out there. As you know already the big guys never look out for the 2 wheelers.

Going thru that house on Sat with a fine tooth comb.
Brad, how was the trip? Hopefully the weather held out for you?
Trip was great, weather Thursday through about half of Monday was good, Monday afternoon and Tuesday were crap with steady to heavy rain.

All in all a great trip, 1350 miles. I am ready to go on another here in a few months.

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