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Mar 27, 2011
This is non-cruiser related but I am trying to help a friend out.. They have a 2003 Toyota Matrix and while in drive waiting at lights they feel a vibration from the motor, it was suggested they replace the motor mounts (1000$). She asked me if I felt that this was necessary for the longevity of the motor and if that vibration would be causing damage. If the motor mounts aren't broken and its a annoyance I'd say no.. Just wanted to get a few other opinions..!


Jun 24, 2007
Scottsdale, Arizona
Only if all the mounts were completely broken, while it won't hurt the engine directly, in severe cases I've seen engine move a lot within the engine compartment which causes undue stress and pulling on hoses, wiring harnesses, vacuum lines, oil lines, rubbing in bad areas, etc. THAT can cause a problem.

While in drive with the brake on so the car doesn't move, give it some gas and watch how much the engine lifts up in the engine bay. It really shouldn't lift, just torque a little. If it lifts up then they all might beneeded.

If it doesn't, look at just replacing the upper "dogbone" mount on the passenger side top, check to see if the bushing in that mount is worn or cracked.

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