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Nov 1, 2004
shrewsbury, pa
swapping in 1988 tbi into 87 fj now what type of motor mounts did all you guys out there use I was thinking stock chevy with a little fabbing unless there is something easier out there. Also headers will block huggers work. I saw some using ram horn on driver side and stock on the passenger but wondering if the blockhuggers will work all the way around. Just looking to get rid of the little problems while I can.

Thanks all
Downey has the mounts & an installation manual - engine needs to be away from the driver's inner fender to clear the steering & away from the firewall for air circulation.

Block-hugger headers fit, but consider that tube headers derived from racing parts that are maintained incessantly & replaced when necessary. They won't last as long as stock cast-iron headers. Ramshorns work on both sides.
I tried every header we could get through advance auto parts for under $400 and nothing fit the way my motor ended up.

Ram horns off of the 60's vettes are supposed to breathe better than most cheap headers anyway.

Dough -
I agree. Next time my wonderful tube block-hugger headers blow a gasket they're getting replaced by 2-1/2" ramshorns. A friend loaned me a '64 Vette ramshorn & it appears that there will be greater clearance, & I'll be able to use stock bolts AND get to the heads easily to torque them. And it won't be that hard to change spark plugs.

They allegedly go for $40-50 each on Ebay. I'm going to get a pair as soon as mine starts to leak again, cut off the alternator mount, sandblast them, & get them ceramic coated.
I have rams horns the fit is good but I need btter heat shields, I have had no luck finding used ones that fit or new ones. I'll try to post a pic but my days and nights are pretty tight with work and school and family and .....
ok now 2.5" ram horns but do they need to be swept back or just straight down dump or will either work and what car or truck were these manifolds in


I'm pretty sure they were in the late 60's corvettes...

Here's a link to some on ebay.

Just search for "ram horn exhaust manifolds" I don't know if there were different diameters though. Have a machine shop grind the mounting face to eliminate warping and they should be good to go.


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