For Sale Morro Bay, California 1982 Land Cruiser FJ60

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
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January 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60
Located in Morro Bay, California 93442
Willing to assist with shipping
Clean clear California title in hand in my name
Clear current registration in non op status with CA DMV
Clear Carfax report
Clear Autocheck report
Current odometer at 220,970
Gas tank recall just completed by Toyota in June 2021 (Been sitting since)

I grabbed this Cruiser a while back now. Removed the interior completely due to the fact
the carpet was not salvageable at all and wanted to get a better look at the overall condition
of every nook and cranny on the car.

First off looking at the undercarriage we will see the front axle seals will need to be serviced.
The frame presents to be in overall good condition dirty / surface rust and the rear C channel
reinforcement section in good condition. Sadly both front and rear bumpers were welded on for
some reason. I have a set of used bumpers factory bumpers to included with the sale.

Looking at the body condition i'll point out sections I notice
Rear drivers side has had some poor body work done
sometime during its life. See photos.
Roof is somewhat wavy
Drivers front fender has filler in it
Passenger front door has rust at the door limited.
Rear wheel well is beginning to rust at the seams and also near the
rear seat belt bolts.

Motor starts I have not put fuel in the tank since getting it back from Toyota.
Obviously not everything is hooked up from the photos but all smog components are included
along with a rebuilt smog pump.
Had very early aftermarket air condition system installed on it
but the AC pump has been removed along with condenser and receiver dryer at some point.
Engine block is original but the head was replaced at some point in time with a 61031 head and
not a 61040 closed chamber vs open chamber.
Have a carb rebuilt kit from Cruiser Outfitters to include
New carb base insulator gasket
All the vacuum lines were replaced
Cap , rotor, plugs , wires.
Water pump fan clutch
Radiator hoses.
Forgetting some stuff i'm sure...

Have all the interior bits to include with the sale here rear seat , cracked dash , cracked center console ,
floor trim pieces... yadda yadda.... Missing radio, missing snake blinders, missing hub caps, missing 3rd row

Its rough folks but a good base for someone to start with something given the market today. Hard to put
a price on when I see really rough cars that need major body work going for $15,000.

I'm at $7500 here and as always want to give Mud a first shot at it.

Please keep any negative comments out of here, just trying to be as honest and up front about this project as I can.

Yes i'm able to get compression numbers here in the next few days here and will add those
to the photo album.


-Joe Rawson
Morro Bay, California

instagram @rawsonmotorsports

1982 FJ60 -
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