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Dec 29, 2006
Okay, this toy is a bit more practical. I can actaully see me smiling telling my wife that it would save money: its a family boat, a utility trailer and tent trailer all for the price of one. Of course, should the big one ever hit and submerg Vancouver and the Fraser Valley it will save our lives. (Actually saw the smaller version of it on Highway 1 not too long ago - so this line of reasoning must of worked for some lucky bloke.:D)

Take a look at the vid of it on this page: Float Trailer

Saw a guy with it in Langley once and talked to him, he was the actual rep for them. Awesome idea and you can easily fit a 40 on it and go to an island on a large lake or on a calm day somewhere close to the coast. They are really well done.
It is expensive but the guys that buy them are not people that would do 1 or maybe 2 trips with it a year. These are guys that do trips every weekend from spring till fall and more. There is a very specialized market for it and they don't really have anything else out there that does the trick. How many boats can you tow behind your ATV or small truck, then use it to transport your ATV or small truck and tow again on the other side of the water? I guess when you corner the market you can set the value on it for whatever the customers are willing to pay.
Yep, a couple waves over the side of that and down will go cradle, baby and all.

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