More pics of my off road trailer

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Apr 14, 2007
I welded up a rack to hold my solar panel, spare tire, and small rack.


Compleatly a accident that everything fits so well.In back is my Engel fridge, tent and awning, and airtight food box.In the middle 4 water jugs,pelican case 1520 holds all kitchen suff, and 2 burner coleman stove.



The open space in front will hold a waterproof bag that contains our sleeping pads and bags.Still lots of room left over for fold up chairs and table.
I see alot of these trailers with a rooftop tent and I was going to get a nice one I found on Ebay but the seller was fairly close and he allowed me to come check out the tent on top of his 4runner.I really liked the idea of seting camp anywhere even on rocky ground but I was disappointed that they are kinda small (or maybe I'm kinda big)
I am 6'3" and just couldnt get comfortable , and then he told me it did blow around a lot during high winds so I decided to pass on the roof tent.I use a Kelty 3 season tent and a North Face mountain 25 in really cold weather.

I am going to be set up to show off this trailer and my Landcruiser on April 26-27 @ firebird raceway,Tire Pros truckin' nationals, if your in
the area come say Hi.

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PM sent on a Sceptor can.
You might check out my large RTT post, they are huge! could change your mind about them...and way less than magg or eezi-awn.
pm sent on Scepter cans...i am in Phoenix and can pick up any time...thanks

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