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Aug 14, 2008
Chandler, AZ
Wow, the list keeps growing!

So there are now "Nitrocharger Sport" as shock options for both front and rear. What the heck are these??? I still can't tell from the descriptions...

Nitrocharger Description:
Nitrocharger Shock Absorbers | ARB 4x4 Accessories » Products » Old Man Emu Suspension

Nitrocharger Sport Description:
Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers | ARB 4x4 Accessories » Products » Old Man Emu Suspension

More info:

From an email to ARB:
The major differences between the two styles of Nitrocharger Stock is in the Valving and the adjustments able to be made when designing and hence building the shock. Its inherent design strength from being a large bore twin tube 35 mm shock absorber is further strengthened by important redesign work on the large rod guide, which incorporates the new performance enhancing slip ring, the new larger and stronger oil seal, the new free flowing rebound piston and new high performance oil.

It essentially means that the new Nitrocharger Sport Shock is able to have a number of stages of valving due to the amount of fine tuning our engineers were able to do. Essentially our engineers have designed a shock which is able to offer multistaging of the valving to create a softer more compliant main stage and a heavier second stage to control the big hits.

Oil flow and heat dissipation have also been extensively worked on with the new range to overcome shock fade problems.

It is essentially an evolution of the standard Nitrocharger range which ARB will still continue to sell and support as there have been no issues with this range. The Nitrocharger Sport allows ARB to give more options to our customers in both performance and also in budget (at a retail level there is more of a difference in price rise, though still a reasonable price difference.)
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Can't wait until my current shocks wear out!

Yeah, it sucks ARB didn't tell me about these since I JUST had mine installed....they should have told me.

Honestly, ARB is kinda getting on my nerves in that they distance themselves from ARB Australia as much as they can and constantly blame Australia for not getting them product information. I am a customer who is willing to spend quite a bit of money with them and simply ask for more information (i.e. front protection rails and rear bumper) such as pictures or a copy of the manual, and am constantly told they do not have that information, only Australia does. All they need to do is be more on top of their products down under. Like just a few weeks ago trying to find out what is up with the front locker, they had no clue there even was one and simply stated that when they get them, they will start shipping. I wanted to know when that was, but they had no clue. Pick up the phone then and call Australia!


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