More brake questions ??? 1966 FJ45 longey

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Aug 13, 2004
Normandy Park Wa. in San Diego Ca.
My rear cylinders need a rebuild to say the least. Pistons are old and warn out, caps are dryrotted...inside af cylinders are lightly pitted in the center but probably savable if I really want to..

Ok..the rear cylinders are 1 1/8"...where most 40s are 7/8" I would guess for weight diff. and better stopping under load...Problem is, kits are no longer available.. so I would have to source Caps (dont know who sells caps ONLY..then buy pistons.....all to fix things that I can barely find parts for now, let alone years from now... Cruiser Corps has the 4 set for $155+ new...but it just seems like not money spent wisely..

Should I just replace the cylinders with later (post 73) cylinders either 40s or 60 rears...

future plans will be to split the system and replace the master...and keep searching Craigs L for a disc the future $$$

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