Montero Sport cruise control issue

Jun 8, 2006
Long story short my gf drives a 2004 montero sport and she thought it was getting worse mileage than before and asked if I could help so I Changed the air filter, cleaned the maf, and cleaned the throttle body. I cleaned the throttle body and maf sensor with the maf cleaner which is supposed to be sensor safe but now her cruise control isn't working. The cruise light on the dash comes on but it won't set. It appears that the cruise control actuator is mounted directly on the throttle body and not near the firewall and connected by a cable like on my 80 series land cruiser. Did I fry the actuator by spraying maf cleaner in there to clean it?:eek: I opened the throttle by hand to clean and wipe the throttle throat the best I could but I didn't spray an obscene amount and I let it all dry off before starting it. If anyone has any insight please post it, thanks a lot guys,

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