SOLD Montana: 1993 dual cab Toyota Hiace 4x4 Diesel (1 Viewer)

Oct 22, 2009
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  1. Minitruck
Montana, United States
This is a very useful truck. It has been my daily driver for the past few years. It is comfortable enough to drive the kids around town, it seats 6, but it is also good for heavy duty work with a 2750 lbs payload. It has a hitch and trailer light hook-up. It is rust free. I got it painted it because the previous owner spray canned it camouflage. The only rust was on the bed which I cut out and welded in new sheet metal. It is very clean including the undercarriage. I used a very durable and expensive industrial aerospace grade paint used on bulldozers and offshore drilling rigs. Black bedliner. The engine is the Toyota 2L (2.4L 4-cyl. diesel engine), 5-speed manual transmission, block heater, 4WD w/ manual locking hubs. It doesn’t have a ton of power but drives fine at highway speed. You can cruise comfortably at 70mph. It gets great mpg. If you drive REALY slow you can get nearly 30mpg but realistically around 23-27mpgs. It has 4-doors and the rear bench seat folds up to allow for additional inside storage space. Tons of torque. It has a 2 speed transfer case and 4 low is really low. I have kept it in excellent condition. It has all new filters and fluids and I always used synthetic oil. I recently had a Toyota Master Mechanic who specializes in these Japanese trucks go through it with a fine-tooth comb and he fixed every little issue he could find. I can share this inspection report with you. The rad was hot dipped and the brake cylinder rebuilt. It is great for construction work, a hunting rig, or an overland/expedition truck. I have a rooftop tent that can fit over the bed, but that would be extra. It has a/c and a stereo with USB port but the speakers are bad. It is a 1993 and has approximately 154k miles. This is possibly one of the most reliable vehicles ever made. Why they don’t sell these in the US is beyond me. It is very utilitarian and simple and built with for commercial use so very durable. It has new durable upholstery with matching headliner. I added dynomat sound insulation to the ceiling. Tinted windows. The best feature, although I’ve never used it, is that it has a switch for fording rivers. Not exactly sure what it does but I think it changes where the air intake level is and shuts off the fan. This is a right-hand-drive JDM vehicle. It is originally from Japan. It was legally imported and has all the proper importation paperwork and a clean Montana title and plates. More pictures to come. Truck is in Helena Montana and I will deliver for a fee. $14485 obo.

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