Monstaliner for Fj40 Roof

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Feb 22, 2017
Tucson, Arizona
Thinking of using the tintable monstaliner for my roof restoration.... the white matches the Cignus white Toyota color. From what I’ve read 1 gallon can cover 2 roofs.

Big questions...

1. Has anybody used the product? Feedback?

2. Is anybody interested in splitting the cost?
Gallon kit is $154 + 29 for tint + shipping (I’m guessing $250 delivered +-)
I would but I am not in the market for buying the paint anytime soon and it would be bad before I could use it.
Space Age in Mesa sells Raptor liner kits and will tint any color for you while you wait. They have all the stuff in stock.
I have used it. It worked well on my DIY trailer. Prep is key! Wearing a good mask is key! How it will turn out on a vehicle roof can't tell you. I used it for the square and flat portions of my trailer. After a year I did another light coat.

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